How Much?

Each commission is different, due to the cost of materials and supplies and workmanship involved. It depends on these 3 things what your quilt will total. I do my very best to give a reasonable estimate when I have the details of your "wants", and I can only do this when you give me a call or email. I always give a FREE consult. This gives both of us a chance to explore size, fabrics, and patterns. I estimate what it will cost based on similar projects I have done in the past, and then you can decide if you want to continue moving forward. You can take as long as you need to commit to the project. You are not obligated to continue until we fill out the commission contract. 

Quilts take time to make!! If you give me, and yourself, enough lead time; I can help you schedule a payment plan. Quilts By Commission is a small business and one of the perks is that I can be flexible. 

Calling me does not mean that you are going to start the commission, it is merely the start of our conversation about your project. 


-Contact Stephanie through email or a phone call. 

-Free Consult will decide size, color, pattern, deadline, budget.

-A deposit will be taken for supplies and fabric only. 

- Fabric and supplies will be gathered.

-Work will start. Each day that the quilt is worked on Stephanie will send pictures via text or email.

-Project ends. Paperwork gets tallied. Quilt is delivered locally, picked up at QBC or your check is sent for the balance and the quilt is mailed to you after secured payment.

Not Local?

Stephanie has worked with clients all around the world. Thanks to today’s technology she has used Zoom, email, texting, Facebook Video Messenger, and phone calls to work with clients not local to Auburn, NY.


The QBC studio is smoke and pet dander free. All t-shirt and memory quilt items must be smoke and pet dander free.

Studio Hours/ Visits

Stephanie works on quilts mostly weekdays from 7am to 2pm. If she is against a deadline she’ll work early evening hours. Stephanie makes herself available to client consults based on their schedule. She has taken late night phone call meetings from clients on the other side of the globe. Stephanie will be happy to schedule a time for you to peak in on your project anytime she is working on it. She will also schedule times to travel for installations, Fabric shopping, and meeting with local clients who can't come to the studio.


Quilt Group and Private Classes are scheduled with clients or guilds at least 1 month in advance. A schedule of how and when the classes will be taught and what the topic or project is will be contracted. Once contracted, the classes will be paid for up front, materials and supplies and all samples will be made. In any event the client or group “can’t come to class”, the class will be re-scheduled for another time. No refunds.

Postoffice /Mailings

Stephanie uses the UPS for all mailings of quilts. The packaging will not have the word “Quilts” on it. If there are specific rules about mailing packages to you (ie: military base, embassy . . .) you’ll need to send Stephanie the specific instructions at the time of filling out the contract. Stephanie likes to have the quilt to you 1 week before you “need” it. That includes leaving enough time for it to travel to you by mail.

Fabric and Supplies

99% of the Thread used at QBC comes from Connecting Threads and is a Cotton/Poly blend.
99% of the Batting used at QBC comes from Quilter’s Dream. A business manufacturing batting at wholesale prices for Quilting businesses.
Light/medium weight Fusible interfacing is kept in stock at QBC for 99 cents per yard.
Fabric is researched and purchased with budget in mind. Stephanie takes into account fabric that is sold locally to Auburn NY, and also researches fabrics online to get the best price.

Special Occasion Quilts

Weddings, Graduations, Birthdays, Holidays are all great reasons to gift a quilt. These also come with a deadline. Make sure to give Stephanie at least a few months to work on a quilt project. 

Commercial and Residential installations

Some quilts are easy to install, simply lay it on the bed. Other installations can be tricky! If you want a wallhanging in a specific area, measurements will need to be taken of the area (ie: center of a wall, above a fireplace, a hallway, alcove, niche, stairwell . . .) and an installation will need to be done. QBC can’t guarantee to do all local installations. Let Stephanie know what your needs are at the time of consultation.


Stephanie is a successful businesswoman and has grown her business since 2006. She has many tips and tricks to offer other small business owners just starting out. She was a member of Toastmasters Empire Statesmen Syracuse, NY, and has a strong Performance, Directing, and Event Hosting background. Lectures must be contracted, topics decided upon at least 2 months ahead of time of the event.

All Consults By Appointment.

Auburn, NY, USA

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