Quilts On Consignment

Professional quilters create your next quilt! 

Featured in our new commercial space will be a Gallery of Finished quilts on Sale for you to purchase in person or you can pop over to our online shop! Since quilts take time to make, Quilts By Commission will showcase local Master Quilters and their beautiful creations. Everything from mug rugs to potholders, table runners, bed quilts, art quilts, bags and textile sculptures! A true feast for the eyes will await you! 

Sewing Equipments

Now Scheduling Interviews for Consignment Quilters

Contact Stephanie McCall at 315-313-0755 or stephanie@stephaniemccallquilts.com

How it Works

You are an advanced or professional quilter, either having your own quilt business or years of experience in making quilts and associated textile items. You also have a pile of these items taking up space in your home/studio and need to find them new homes! All textile, handcrafted quilty items will be considered, but may not be accepted. From mug rugs to King Size quilts of all styles and shapes are encouraged. All items must be freshly cleaned/vacuumed or laundered, and in excellent or new condition free from odors, stains, pet/ human hair and signs of wear (including "fold lines"). We recommend reaching out by phone or email to schedule an "after hours" interview to take a look at your work, talk about your experience and skills, and about the pieces you want to consign.  Consignment percentages: 60% to you/40% to QBC. It is a good idea to offer a range of different items either by size or style, five (5) items will be accepted at any one time from any one consignment quilter.  Once an item is sold, a replacement item can be selected. At the time of final consult (after the initial interview), a non-disclosure agreement will be signed, stating that Stephanie McCall, Owner Member of Quilts By Commission, LLC will act as agent for the company and create an open relationship that does not compete with other consignment quilters showing work at the shop. Stephanie will not disclose new items that others are designing or making to consign, and will brainstorm with each consignment quilter ideas for new projects that might sell well that showcases their skills. Also, at the time of final consult each item will be cataloged and organized with a tag for retail in the Gallery. Photos will be taken of the quilt for the Quilts By Commission online shop.  Consignment quilters will be identified with a code, not their name, on all retail tags. 

Retail Pricing is mutually agreed upon. Insurance riders are covered under Quilts By Commission, LLC to cover the 60% consignment fee of any item that might be stolen or damaged by fire. Every five (5) months Quilts By Commission, LLC will host a Gala Quilt Auction to sell quilts that have stayed on the shelf too long. Consignment Quilters will have the option to take their quilt back, or participate in the Auction. If they do, the reserve amount will be the same as the 60% fee they would have garnered.  Any amount above the 60% fee would go to QBC, LLC. The consignment quilter can replace it with something new or decide to discontinue consigning that item.  In either case, the item that didn't make the reserve amount at the Auction will be returned to the Consignment Quilter, for them to do with as they please. Items not claimed after 10-days of the Gala Quilt Auction are considered abandoned and will either be donated to charity or re-introduced into inventory as a Quilts By Commission, LLC wholly-owned item. The Consignment Quilter waives the right to personally sell their item online or otherwise, until after the 5 month period and/or Gala Quilt Auction. Sales of all items are reconciled monthly through the Venmo app. Quilts By Commission, LLC makes their best effort to merchandise, sell and care for all consignments in the shop and on their website. All consignments are left at the owner's risk, unless stolen or destroyed by fire. 

Consignment Quilter EVENT!

Linda Hunter, professional quilter/lecturer and long-time AQS Quilt Appraiser will be leading a discussion for interested Consignment Quilters at

Quilts By Commission's new location:

51 Genesee Street Auburn, NY 13021

on Saturday, August 14, 2021 at 11:30am

Bring 5 items to share with the group present and Linda will do a quick assessment for retail price only.  Consider it a great way to decide if Quilt Consignment is for you!